Feb 19 2008

The Kingdom

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**Attempted to provide some sweet movie clips, but it looks like the movie studio (Universal Pictures) has put a block on any sort of “fair use” videos of their movie. Lame.**

The Kingdom was a somewhat welcome surprise of a movie. I didn’t have very high hopes for such a plot in the time of other reactionary U.S. versus the Middle East movies this year. But The Kingdom was more of an action/detective story, and kept the preachiness to a tolerable low level.

And the two main, non-American actors (Ashraf Barhom and Ali Suliman) performances were excellent.

Plus, any movie espousing “Pabst, [is the] best beer on the planet” gets top marks every time.

The awesome trailer. “Bullet the Blue” by U2 always felt to me to be the weakest song on their Joshua Tree album, until this trailer, when I heard the lyrics for what seems like the first time. “In the howling wind comes a stinging rain, see it driving nails into the souls on the tree of pain.”


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